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At Alpha Games, we provide the world’s largest publishers and developers with both end-to-end and customized best-in-class localization services.

Over the past 30 years we have worked with some of the most epic and iconic titles in the industry to become industry leaders in multifaceted localization for the games industry.

We work on projects across the spectrum: from AAA multi-platform MMORPG to casual and hyper casual mobile games.

Our teams deliver bespoke personalized support around the globe, allowing us to empower and enable our partners to create the engaging and immersive experiences expected by the growing global audience.

We work with our clients to build long-term partnerships. We understand and support their needs and requirements, adapting our workflows in a way that benefits everyone. Our aim: to ensure we speak the same language as both our clients and their audiences.

Our Services



Every project we work on goes through a three-stage process of translation, editing and proofreading (TEP) involving at least two specialist games linguists. At Alpha, we use native translators who are also passionate gamers so that your game is played and experienced as though it was created specifically for and in that language.



At Alpha, our team of industry experts has the local knowledge you need to adapt your game for each of your target markets and create a truly immersive gaming experience in every localized version.

We offer a full consultation at the start of localization projects, and at every stage throughout the process. This can include anything from answering brief questions around a specific phrase or character name, to a full analysis of censorship laws in different countries and how that will affect the content of your game.

Localization QA

Localization QA

Localization quality assurance involves testing a game in context to prevent localization errors from slipping through and disrupting the immersive experience of it.
At Alpha, our localization QA team tests the localized version of the product using the original test script and a specific locale-based script. We find and fix:

• Script bugs
• Inconsistencies
• Semantic and syntax errors

We provide localization QA as a standalone service for games that have been localized by third parties, and as part of our complete localization package.



Localization isn’t just about getting the right words on screen; it’s also a question of finding the right voices to deliver the dialogue in a way that is natural, emotive and expands on the immersive experience.

Alpha’s recording studio and audio engineers in London manage the entire recording, dubbing and post-production process from start to finish. With a casting library of over 1000 voices, we’re sure we can find the right voices to bring life to your game.



Transcreation is the process of combining localization with the creativity of subject matter experts to create an immersive real-world gaming experience that is unique and perfectly suited to each target language.

Alpha’s teams go beyond the idea of translating text to translate the emotion and atmosphere of the game in a way that is naturalistic rather than forced.

It’s the best way to create strap lines and advertising that mirror the world you’ve created, as well as ensuring that the character names and dialogue reflect both the in-game world and the structure and cultural connotations of the target language.

Our games transcreators have extensive industry experience, in-depth knowledge of the target audience, strong awareness of the local culture, and creativity in bucketloads.

Technology and MT

Technology and MT

At Alpha, our team of developers combine their extensive industry experience with state-of-the-art translation tools to build the right workflow for each of our clients.

Our file handling and preparation processes are automated and structured in a way that saves both time and money, and can be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows.

And because we want our clients to use the tool that works for them, we don’t have mandatory service contracts with tool providers. Instead, our expert engineers will work with you to choose a tool and design a workflow that suits your specific requirements.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is an important part of making sure that a game is completely ready for launch.

At Alpha, our specialist linguistic testers implement an analytical process utilizing real data and statistics to provide insight into where issues lie, whether these issues are consistent across all languages, and the optimal solution.

We carry out testing during the localization workflow as part of our end-to-end localization package, as a standalone service on third parties’ localized content, or on legacy content. So you can ensure that all your content meets the same high standards.


In all the years that we have been collaborating with Alpha, they have helped us with every delivery which enable us to be on-time releasing content for all our international clients.

Miguel Sepulveda

Global Localization Manager at King

We have been working with Alpha CRC for the translation of Assassin's Creed Rebellion into Japanese. The quality of their work has been great - keep it up team!

Sandra Pourmarin

Localization Consultant at Ubisoft

Alpha was of great help for us in supporting our localisation operations here at Jagex.

Matthias Papsdorf

Localization Manager at Jagex

Big kudos to the Alpha games team! Super responsive, proactive and hassle-free. From project managers to linguists, you can tell they get highly engaged with your game content and deliver in style!

Paul Davies

Head of Localization at Socialpoint

The delivered result was marvellous! The proofread results were absolutely fantastic. The result was one of the highest qualities I have ever seen while working with external vendors. Thank you for that!

Rudiger Fehling

Localization Manager at Gameforge

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We have 15 offices across 13 different countries and 4 continents, giving us a significant global footprint and fantastic access to local market knowledge and in-territory resources.

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