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is always on
Alpha Games has over 30 years of game localization experience and a global footprint of 16 offices spanning 14 countries. We’re the perfect choice for localized solutions and high-quality content for audiences big and small, around the globe or across the street.
<span>In-House</span></br> Gaming Expertise
Gaming Expertise
Our teams are like family to us, and they come fully loaded with experience and personalities that root deep within the industry. They’re a perfectly balanced choice for translation and language, while of course being gamers at heart. In such a dynamic and demanding world, does your game deserve any less?
A Partner you can </br> <span>Trust</span>
A Partner you can
As a pioneer in the world’s very first localization industry, Alpha is synonymous with top rank for all things localization amongst the leading names in the industry. Our experience in nearly all game genres serves a deeply passionate understanding of what it takes to make your game a success. We don’t just work together, we succeed together.

Meet the team

Localization – by gamers, for gamers

Our games team is chock full of master gamers that specialize as highly-qualified linguists, guaranteeing you the best of both worlds; passionate gamers and language experts.

16 offices.
14 countries.
35+ language pairs.

Our teams are held to the highest of standards. Each linguist holds a degree in translation and only translates into their mother tongue. Our copywriters, they spin gold from words in their native language to create masterpieces that have won creative awards and foster professional successes. An efficient production model has proven that hiring the best people is a perfect foundation for delivering a solid commitment to outstanding quality and customer satisfaction.

Each client is different and every project is unique, so our workflows and tools are designed to reflect that. Scalable and bespoke options are made available for every project requirement. All this wrapped up in a nice little bow with fast turnaround time and a streamlined service.

How We Work

We strive for greatness in every sense of the word. TEP (Translation, Editing, and Proofreading) starts with veteran translators who know the ins-and-outs of each project. It’s then carefully reviewed and edited prior to the final step being done by a senior linguist. Here, answers to queries are perfected and phrases are improved and polished to create a more natural and fluid gaming experience. Years of experience in audio recording with our own studios, as well as partner studios, ensure the highest quality result on a global scale. And our own AV team offers subtitling services that begin with well-seasoned specialists and cutting edge technology. High-security facilities staffed with experienced testers help define our LQA capabilities to help bring you powerful and efficient testing in an environment you can trust.


Alpha Games’ team works as part of a larger company to provide you with the best resources in everything needed to localize your title for a global audience. From audio localization, in-game text, and original script creation, an end-to-end service that delivers a full body experience.


Alpha is more than just a translation company. Sure we offer translation, editing and proofreading services to clients who want a simple and efficient service, but there’s more to it than that. We operate with a three-stage process, involving at least two of our specialist translators for every project. The result is content which reads as if it was written in that language, created with style, and native inflection to match the original. That means that you can be confident about sending out the best product money can buy.

We also offer localization consulting when needed and for projects that require truly creative, inspired content, we offer multilingual copywriting and culturalization. These options mean you can choose the service that works best for you.



Transcreation goes beyond a standard translation to integrate with the embodiments of culture and language. Our teams often work with subject matter experts to integrate and identify with the products and services to become experts in that field. It’s a perfect solution for things like strap lines, advertising, brand-led campaigns, websites, and marketing materials. We go beyond the idea of translating text, to translation emotion and feeling that gives an extra kick to every character name, every battle arena, every weapon description.

The process involves industry experience, knowledge of the target audience, awareness of the local culture, and lots of inspiration. The criteria for evaluating transcreation vs. translation is quite different from one another and typically involves detailed interaction between the client and our transcreation teams so if you’re not sure which one is best for you, let us help you.



On-site, around the world. Our linguistic quality assurance (LQA) testing teams function as a standalone testing service, or testing as part of a complete localization process. We are therefore able to test and provide feedback on content that’s already been translated and implemented, or provide testing for projects we’re already localizing from start to finish. In addition, continuous testing is a highly-valued service that’s popular with the full range of our current clients, big and small.

A practical checking process is the best way to succeed. Our LQA specialists follow an analytical process utilizing real data and statistics to provide insight into where issues lie, if it’s consistent across all languages, and the most optimal solution.



We take pride in our transparency and flexibility, so our localization consultancy service is tailored to your business and your needs. To create content that engages your customers in different countries, it’s always a good idea to have an extra pair of eyes scoping it out. The culture of your audience can change drastically as you cross a border, and different continents contain as many variations in understanding as they do territories. Alpha offers full consultation around any localization project and advise the best course of action. Answering a few brief questions about a specific phrase, or providing a full analysis of censorship laws in different countries and how that will affect the content of your product. Whatever your questions, our in-country specialist teams are here to answer them.



Effective localization doesn’t only cover words in menus and character dialogues. Alpha’s multimedia translation services can deliver your content in all forms of media. We have specialized Audio-Visual (AV) teams that provide  subtitling, animation, and captioning services using our own studios and in-house multi-talented team. We also provide audio recording & dubbing with the use of our own local studio, as well as the post-editing process’ that go along with it.



Alpha has always been at the forefront of translation technology, it’s in our blood to make the process of translation as precise and efficient as possible. That’s why we’re committed to using in-house translators that breathe life into high-quality translations with the help of technology. Our team of developers work with state-of-the-art translation tools, coupled with added flexibility and industry experience to cater to each of our clients’ needs. Our method of file preparation and manipulation not only saves time and money, but plugs-in seamlessly with new and existing workflows. This not only reduces unnecessary manual task execution, but saves time and helps guarantee quality. And in the interest of transparency, Alpha doesn’t have service contracts with tool providers that may limit service options. Instead, our consultancy service will advise you as best we can to suggest a tool and workflow that will fit your exact need. Here’s a few of the programs we’re most familiar with:

  • MemoQ
  • SDL WorldServer
  • SDL MultiTerm
  • SDL GroupShare server
  • Across server and desktop
  • Star Transit
  • Passolo 2011-16


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