Alpha Intelligence



Out Dater

From customized MT engine training to dataset creation, our hero Gen has a wide range of tools at her disposal – when she’s disposing of villains like Out Dater.

Alpha Games has always been at the forefront of tech adoption in the games localization industry. From the introduction of CAT tools to the implementation of MT and NMT, we are consistently looking for ways to improve our services, lowering costs and improving output quality for clients.

That desire to keep moving things forward has only grown stronger as we begin to see wider AI and tech adoption across the industry. Our ‘innovate’ services have been brought about as a product of our experiments in using tech to refine and enhance our already robust localization and content production processes.

Whether you’re looking to improve the quality of your NMT and LLM output, or want to find new ways of engaging audiences with audiovisual media, our teams are ready to help.

Enjoy our comic series to see how Gen renders Out Dater obsolete.