Translation and transcreation


Duo Lings

Plot Stopper

In the games industry, translation is more important than ever. Our heroic translation duo, Duo Lings, are well equipped to fight off the likes of the dastardly Plot Stopper.

Whether you are an established multinational studio or a relatively new games studio looking to expand into new markets, translation can play a critical role in your title’s success. Smarter translation, quicker.

Alpha Games sets itself apart through the combination of human expertise and the latest technology to deliver high-quality and effective games translations. Our expert linguists use artificial intelligence alongside CAT tools to ensure consistency with the client’s brand voice and preferred terminology, while our specialized editors and reviewers optimize tone and register for games scripts and in-game narrative post-translation.

Alpha Games can offer translation via a number of language corridors, eliminating the need for pivot languages when translating from Chinese to Japanese (for instance).

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